Not happy?

Not happy? Neither are we.

It is our aim to always have satisfied patients, to meet your expectations of care and service and to resolve any complaints as efficiently, effectively and politely as possible.

We understand the frustration that patients must feel in this current Covid situation. Our service has found itself under an extraordinary amount of pressure with a 350% increase in service-need and a 50% decrease in capacity due to various mandatory Covid regulations such as fallow time, staff absences, updates in cross infection control guidelines and full respirator masks which makes our work very difficult and time consuming.
In concrete terms this means that we are currently unable to provide the pre-Covid service we have been so proud of for over 40 years.

We look forward greatly to the day we can resume our service to the patient community we feel so responsible for.

We are doing everything in our power to mitigate these events but this is not always possible so we apologise in advance for waiting times, missed calls, long delays in treatments and any frayed nerves.

We take complaints very seriously, investigating them in a full and fair manner and take great care to protect your confidentiality.

We hope to learn from complaints to improve our care and service. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this procedure.

We aim to deal with complaints within 14 working days unless there are mitigating circumstances.

If you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our care or service, please let us know as soon as possible to allow us to address your concerns promptly.

We advise that if your complaint is about your treatment that you speak directly to the dentist in question, they are the only ones who can truly answer your specific clinical query. We have found, with experience, that most matters can be resolved easily.

Otherwise you can address your complaint directly to our Complaints Manager who will be your personal intermediary, aiding you hopefully to resolve the matter you have raised.
You can contact them at

If you do not feel you can raise a complaint about your NHS service directly with us, you can contact the Parliamentary Health Ombudsman (England) by calling 0345 015 4033 or visiting

We will keep comprehensive and confidential records of your complaint, which will be stored securely and only be accessible by those who need to know about your complaint.

We will endeavour to address each of your concerns as best as we can.

We regularly analyse patient complaints to learn from them and to improve our services. That’s why we always welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions and complaints.

If you are dissatisfied with our response to a complaint you can also contact NHS England at with ‘For the attention of the complaints team’ in the subject line or the General Dental Council dental complaints service who can be contacted by calling 020 8253 0800 or visiting